Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dior - Yacht (#210) - nail polish swatch

This will be it for my nail polish swatch series for a bit, I feel I've saturated my blog with them lately. But I do love nail polish so, and even tough I had no plans to buy this (my eyes were set on Sailor), once I swatched it, any willpower I had dissolved...

Mani products in order of application:
Essie - First Base - base coat (1 coat)
Dior - Yacht - color (2 coats)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust - accent (1 coat) - the most perfect accent ever. It goes well with any shade.
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat (1 coat)
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops (1 drop per nail)
The most perfect nude ever.... love it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

CHANEL - Alchimie (#591) - nail polish swatch

I have wanted Alchimie when it first came out (I think a year ago???), but somehow couldn't justify a splurge. When I saw this still on the shelf on a recent trip to Murale, I decided to make it a part of my collection. Is it a part of the permanent collection?

Mani Products in order of application:
Essie - First Base - base coat (1 coat)
CHANEL - Alchimie - color (2 coats)
Deborah Lippmann - Boom Boom Pow - accent (1 coat)
Deborah Lippmann- On A Clear Day - top coat (1 coat)
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops (10 drops, 1 on each nail)
Boom Boom Pow and Alchimie play very nicely together... but trying to catch that beauty in an image was next to impossible...
Sadly out of 30 photos I took, these were the best of the worst :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - Fake It Till You Make It - nail polish swatch

This is one of those "I loved the name" nail polish purchases... couldn't pass it up. Good thing that the color is a gorgeous multi-color flecked gold super shimmer.

Mani products in order of use:
Essie First Base - base coat: 1 coat
Deborah Lippmann's Fake It Till You Make It - color: 2 coats
OPI Blue Shatter - accent - 1 coat
Deborah Lippman On a Clear Day - topcoat - 1 coat
Zoya Hurry Up - drying drops - 10 drops (1 on each nail)
Very glittery, to the point of being textured. The accent split down the middle like a cat eye... weird, but I didn't mind. I'm not over the shatter phase yet :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Inglot O2M Nail Polish - #699 - nail polish swatch

My mom brought me 3 bottles of Inglot polish from Poland. Here is the first one. Shade number 699. I looked it up on the Polish version of Inglot website, and this color is part of the summer Exotic Lagoon collection. I'm not sure if it's available everywhere else.

Great thing about Inglot: no animal testing and made without: toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), camphor.

Mani products in order of use:
Essie First Base - base coat - 1 coat
Inglot O2M  #699 - 2 coats
Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose - accent on my ring finger - 1 coat (totally messed this up)
Deborah Lippmann On a Clear Day - top coat - 1 coat
Zoya Hurry Up - drying drops - 10 drops (1 on each digit)
 I must say the formulation was outstanding. Supper smooth, excellent flow, highly pigmented. Although because of my lack of practice I went a bit heavy with my coats and got some bubbling action. Still I'm loving this color, which is more purple-lavender than magenta (sooo hard to photograph purple-like shades).
I do believe I'll be acquiring some more Inglot eventually. Completely in love with the quality.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Deborah Lippmann - La Vie En Rose - nail polish swatch

I almost missed out on this shade. By the time I decided to add it to my collection Sephora was sold out, but I did find it at Holt Renfrew. I am not sure if this is limited edition or part of the permanent line, but I do know that it is popular. 

Mani products in order of use:
Essie First Base - base coat - 1 coat
Deborah Lippmann - La Vie En Rose - 3 coats
Deborah Lippmann - Some Enchanted Evening - 1 accent coat
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - top coat - 1 coat
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drop - 10 drops (1 on each nail)
La Vie En Rose is a gorgeous pale shimmery pink. It is what I refer to as a dreamy, fairy, bride shade.
 It applies on the sheer side and it took me 3 coats to achieve some sort of opacity. I checked DL website and supposedly this is magical layered over other colors. I think 1 even coat might look spectacular over another shade. I will be sure to try it on my next mani.
 For now I am enjoying this color as is.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch X - Hijack, Bender, Mildew, Kush

Moving onto some greens....
Hijack - deep metallic teal
Bender - forest green metallic with gold micro-glitter
Mildew - mossy green shimmer with gold shift
Kush - grass green shimmer with gold micro-glitter
direct sunlight
natural light
Kush has quite a punch of color. Using some soap and warm water took care of the other 3, but Kush stuck around like a bruise :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch IX - Radium, Peace, Shattered, Haight

Radium - peacock blue shimmer
Peace - bright turquoise shimmer
Shattered - turquoise with gold shift
Haight - mermaid blue shimmer
natural light
direct sunlight

Friday, August 1, 2014

If only Sepora was a Savings Account.... :)

So it seems I’ve renewed my Sephora VIB Rouge status for another year. It’s a confirmation that 'yes' I do spend too much of my play money there. But I’m looking forward to my custom, “free” (not really free) Formula X polish. I hear and read lots of positive reviews about this brand.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch VIII - Evidence, Loaded, Cobra, Mushroom

These 4 swatch completely differently than what I expected from the pan...
Evidence - deep navy blue shimmer
Loaded - deep metallic emerald
Cobra - black with gold metallic glitter
Mushroom - warm pale gray shimmer
direct sunlight
natural light

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodbye my Friend...

Yesterday my husband and I said goodbye to our bestie of 14 years. We first met her when she was 8 weeks old, and it was love at first sight.

This past February, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was inoperable, and chemo had no effect. We tried to give her a comfortable and pain-free life for as long as we could. I knew this day was coming, but I was still surprised, shocked, and sad when it finally arrived. It happened so fast.

Saturday she was fine, and Sunday started out like any other Sunday. She was up at 5am, had a walk, another walk at 9. But she didn't eat most of her breakfast (and for something so little, she had a healthy appetite). She did gobble up her medication with peanut butter. At 1pm she had hard time standing, but she was napping with a smile on. She had only 3 bites of her dinner, and refused peanut butter. She drank water, and napped. At 11pm (her regular bedtime, when she sleeps soundly until at least 5), she seemed a bit restless. Had a hard settling down. By 1am she could no longer stand on her own, and was refusing water. By 2 am we were at the VEC (Veterinary Emergency Clinic). I was barely holding it together. I knew the sand in her hourglass was running out, and there were no more Tuesday mornings in her future. We took her to VEC for them to give her a strong painkiller, so that she would be comfortable and could rest until we could see our vet (who also knew her for 14 years).

I didn't sleep, all I had were hours left with her. We went to see our vet at 2pm on Monday (she's usually in the office at 5, but she came in early to see us).  We said very, very teary goodbyes... and by 2:40pm Honey moved on to the big comfy couch in the ever-after.

I miss seeing her happy face whenever I walk through the door, I miss her lumberjack snores, I miss the way her paws would smell while she was sleeping, I miss the scent of her head, the feel of her ears, I miss having her touch me to pet her... I miss my 5am alarm clock.
real fur on faux fur :) ... this blanket was her favorite to snore on... almost as soft as she was :)
I knew I was going to be a mess when she passed on... I just didn't expect to be such a mess when she passed on.

I miss her.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Swatch VII - Toasted, Sin, Midnight Rodeo, Scratch

I continue to swatch :)
Toasted - shimmery antique copper penny
Sin - champagne shimmer
Midnight Rodeo - taupe shimmer with silver glitter (love the taupe shimmer, but could do without the silver glitter... this shadow has a bit of a gritty feel)
Scratch - rose gold shimmer
direct sunlight
natural light

Saturday, July 26, 2014

So is it Carpe Diem or Dark Blue Grey? :)

After my Wilderness purchase and swatch, I logged onto the SpaRitual website for a browse. I think I might place an order once I start running low on  my hand serum. That order will most likely include a polish or two... how can it not??? But before that day comes... here is a little mistake I stumbled upon. I loved the pictorial swatch, then read the text description... hmmmmmm :)
Update: I won't be placing an online order with this site, because they don't ship to Canada.... I'm feeling deflated.... :)