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Happy Valentine's Day


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dior - Camel & Laura Mercier - Cocoa Suede (nail polish swatch)

I paint my nails once a week (on a Sunday); usually take it off Wednesday night, and pamper my digits for 3 days. I realized that if I continue this manicure trend it will take me over 7 years to wear all of my nail polish colors at least once... I need to get into nail art.

But this time I just decided to use two colors .

Mani Lineup:
Essie - First Base Base Coat - base 1 coat
Dior - Camel- color, 2 coats on alternating nails
Laura Mercier - Cocoa Sudede - color, 2 coats on alternating nails
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat, 1 coat
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops, 1 drop per nail
No sunshine that day (cloudy and flurries)... also no time or motivation for clean-up... dark colors sure show my unsteady hand... but you can't really tell, unless you're really up close, so I'm good with my messy job. Since both colors are creme finish, I felt that lack of sunshine wasn't a big deal.

First shot, indoors on my couch :)
 Second, in a grocery parking lot.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Estée Lauder - Surreal Violet (nail polish swatch)

Bought this years ago. It's possible this color is no longer available from EL, but I still want to share it.

Mani Lineup:
Essie - First Base Base Coat - base 1 coat
Estée Lauder - Surreal Violet - color, 2 coats
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat, 1 coat
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops, 1 drop per nail
I remember buying this shade because I loved how interesting it looked in the bottle; but I never swatched it, until the day I brushed it onto my nails.

First shot taken late in the evening... I just wanted to give you an idea of this weird shimmer in the bottle.
 Next day in direct sunlight... I simply love the copper-shift against the mauve.
 This is a neutral with a kick... and I love it.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Project Make a Dent vol 3 (MaD 2017)

So while I actually don't make a dent, I enjoy seeing the progress I can make with a product; and so 2017 is another MaD year.

I've set myself an ambitious group of 10 products:

1. Chantecaille Le Mognolia Eye and Cheek Palette - This a pretty recent acquisition, gifted to me by my husband this last summer. I just want to make a point of using it, not saving it because some strange part of me wants to treasure this beauty.

2. Dior Blush Trianon Edition - Corail Bagatelle # 763 - Part of Dior's Spring 2014 release. It's so beautiful I don't understand how I forgot about it... this might be evidence that I own too many blushes. I might not use it up, or even hit pan, but that pretty design won't last.

3. DiorSkin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora - Part of Dior's Summer 2011 release.... this is an oldie but a goodie; and can we just take a moment to appreciate Dior's generosity in 2011 vs stingy in 2014. I would appreciate that if you only offer half the product you downsize your packaging as well.

4. IT Cosmetics CC+ Aribrush Perfecting Powder - I feel this is a recent (within the last 2 years) purchase, but I've never talked about it on my blog. Most likely because I barely used it. Well time to change that.

5. IT Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Illuminator - Also not sure which ShowStopper this came with, but I feel it's a bit older (3-4 years). I know for a fact that this wasn't the item I made the purchase for, but I have it so might as well use it. Has a lovely understated glow on the back of my hand (not one of those strobing seen from space highlights)... we'll see how we get along.

6. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #6 (Khaki Pulse) - Bought when they first hit the scene spring of 2011. On my eyes as I type this post; still amazing.

7. MAC Huggable Lipcolour (I'm Game) - bright and fun, 2017 goals :)

8. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Candide Nude (No. 27) - 2011 Valentine's Day gift... one can never have too many nudes :)

9. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour (Sugar Frost) - Loved it in 2014... not so much these days... this one I would be happy to be done with this year.

10. Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl (Black Coffee) - Seems I bought most of my makeup in 2011. Last item for this year... it's black it's brown it was forgotten until now :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Project Make a Dent vol 2 (MaD 2016 - 4th quarter update)

So another year has come to an end ... and another MaD project. My choices and progress throughout the year.

What I started with, here

Q1 check in, here

Q2 check in, here

Q3 check in, here

And after 365 days here is the last status photo.
1. CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL - So I'm keeping this in my daily drawer. I need a few or several more months to call this done. I just don't have the bronzing confidence I need to use this up quicker. 

2. Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face in Teint Rosé 01 - So this is the never ending product. Although now I can see the powder on the bottom caused by me swirling the brush over the beads every morning. Also included in my current daily routine... and one day you'll see this in an empties video. 

3. Burberry Eye Liner in Midnight Blue - just couldn't get it done... the pencil is dry and I prefer brown to blue for an eyeliner. We haven't parted ways yet.

4. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill  #7 Sweet Fire - back on the shelf it went. Colour and formula are still great... pink is just not calling my name.

5. CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre - Illusoire (83) - This has become a dry little puck but it still applies nicely. So while no progress made, it still has a home in my collection. 

6. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine - Rebelle 63 - I wore it a handful of times. Promising myself to pull it out in March once again. 

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Ex-press - There is a tiny bit of the light taupe shadow left... will reach for it throughout January, and then mention it in an empties video before calling it trash. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

CHANEL: Emeraude - nail polish swatch

I saw this shade a few months back... it was released for Summer 2016... but all I could think is, this is a perfect Christmas tree shade :) I bought it on the spot, because in my collection this one is one of a kind... a gorgeous forest green with gold shimmer.

Mani lineup:

NailsInc - NailKale Superfood - base coat (1 coat)
CHANEL - Emeraude - color (2 coats)
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat (1 coat)
Deborah Lippmann - Boom Boom Pow - accent (1 coat) on my ring finger
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops (1 drop per nail)

The day I decided to wear this (Nov 20, 2016)... was our first true "winter is here" day... freezing, cloudy, with snow flurries... no sunshine to show the gold, but that's what Google is for :)

Love the shade, hate the brush. It was thin, long, and flimsy.... seriously for what CHANEL polish sells for (it has gone up in price) I found this lack of quality disappointing.
I am not sure if this summer release was limited edition. If it was, then this post of mine is a tad cruel... but then again anyone who reads this blog, probably stumbled upon it by accident... and this is not a resource for the latest beauty news :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Burberry: Ash Rose (103) - nail polish swatch

I'm back to nail painting; and the first shade to make it onto my nails is my newest addition, acquired during the Nov. VIB Rouge sale. This is one of those "YouTube made me buy it"... because I watched a favorites video and the praise for this shade was endless... I just didn't want to deny myself.

In order of application:
NailsInc - NailKale Superfood - base coat (1 coat) - I like it, I like it a lot
Burberry - Ash Rose - color (2 coats)
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat (1 coat)
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops (1 drop per nail)
The shade is gorgeous and unremarkable at the same time :) a hear stopping nude-neutrals lovers must have. I love the formula and the brush... I wore it for 4 days straight with no chipping just some gentle tip wear... after which I decided to take it off and let my nail breathe for a couple of days before I paint them again.
My cuticles need some tlc because they are looking dry and a bit ragged.... apologies :)
It's a lovely shade, in lovely packaging... with a price tag that's not so lovely :)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Project Make a Dent (MaD 2016 - 3rd quarter update)

Oooopsie this update was supposed to happen at the beginning of October. I totally forgot about it. So Q3 update is happening a month later.

What I started with, here

Q1 check in, here

Q2 check in, here

And now 10 months later here is where I stand.  Picture taken around 3pm... light is getting yelloooow. Good thing this post isn't about swatches.
1. Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face in Teint Rosé 01 - The special edition packaging each holiday season is so beautiful, but I just can't justify a purchase, since after 10 months of daily use, it looks as if I hadn't used it much at all. Plus I don't really think it does anything for me, I love the packaging, and scent of the product, and the sound the spheres make as I swirl my brush in the container... but as for my skin, I don't think I'd miss it if I didn't own it.

2. CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL - In my original post in 2012 I wrote "I don't see myself repurchasing this for at least 5 years"... words becoming truth :) More of the bottom has been exposed, but not nearly enough to call this done. This might be included in next year's MaD project.

3. Burberry Eye Liner in Midnight Blue - Next year if I decide to include a pencil in my MaD project, I'll have a progress bar of some kind. Because I made a some effort to use it up, but definitely not enough to seriously notice. Makeup sure last a long while.

4. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill  #7 Sweet Fire - we are where we were... my brush just doesn't navigate to this pot.

5. CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre - Illusoire (83) - same here... I might have worn this once in the last 3 4 months.

6. CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine - Rebelle 63 - Ughhh made myself a promise to use this and didn't keep it. I've reached for it only a handful of times. Placing this front and centre on my "wear daily" list. It'd be nice to use it up by the end of 2016... I think I can do it.

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Ex-press - I feel a weird sense of accomplishment. Had this since 2010; so long gone from Sephora shelves. This set included brow templates (none fit mine), brush (love it, use it daily), and 4 products: wax, cream hi-light, 2 different powder colours. I used up the wax and cream hi-light years ago; and now have only a tiny bit of the light taupe shadow left, that is too light for my brows but lovely in the crease.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

If you think I bought this because the product is called "magic foundation", you are 99% correct.  I also bought it because it's a Charlotte Tilbury product, and I was curious, and pretty packaging gets me every time.
Some interesting (or not) reading on the packaging.
So in my humble opinion this has very good coverage. But for me full-coverage means, 90% of my imperfections/discolorations don't peak through... and that is not the case. Still I feel nicely evened-out, and flawless perfection is never my goal... I don't feel myself.

I apply this with a Real Techniques sponge (aka beauty blender equivalent), and it melds into my skin with no issues.  I set it with powder but not the recommended CT powder, because current beauty bank account is tapped out (and the want list is loooooong).

When I remember to prime first, I get approximately 4-5 hours of wear before t-zone maintenance is required.. if I don't 2-3. Regardless if I prime or don't there is one drawback to this foundation, it gathers under my glasses. I tend to have this problem with other foundations, but the gathering is minimal; with magic foundation it's obviously visible... I'm not a fan.

Final verdict not magic, but very nice (if you don't wear glasses). I'm not going to re-purchase... too many new releases to stick with an average product.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just to let you know....

To those who for whatever reason, check in with this blog regularly (my husband most likely :)).... I've been posting pretty regularly but that has come to an end...
1. I'm just not feeling it at this time...
2. My camera is on a fritz (keeps telling me my card is locked when it isn't)...
3. Summer in Toronto is coming to an end and with that so is good light...

I'm not saying I'm quitting cold turkey. I will post now and then, but I can't commit to any regular schedule or post quantity.

This blog has started out as a personal public beauty diary of sorts... I do it because I want to not because I have to... and it will continue to be so... just expect significant lags between posts.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

IT Cosmetics CC Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Lipstick - Love & Je Ne Sais Quois

I have a couple of IT lipsticks to share with you. If you stumbled upon this blog a few times, you know that it is one of my favourite brands. 
These came in as a set. Love is my lip color match and Je Ne Sais Quoi is a little something extra pink. The formula is comfortable and delicious... as I've said before, the only thing that I don't really get along with from IT is mascara, otherwise for me personally this brand is top notch.
and mandatory swatches....

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sol Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Cream

Bought this foot cream, because I love the booty cream (which I actually smear all over my body... started using it on just my bum and tum.... but it just smells so good, and it has fine shimmer... and well next thing I know my bum bum potion is an all over body lotion).

But the foot cream isn't winning me over. Granted it smells nice (kind of fruity and citrusy at the same time), but it doesn't have this rich feel, that I love.  I shouldn't be surprised, the packaging states "fast absorbing, non-slip"; so that's all on me.
 It comes with a file, that I've used once. It's a nice tool, but personally unnecessary as I exfoliate my feet daily with a  pumice stone in the shower.. so I've never encountered massive dry skin buildup on my heels (it's a serious pet peeve of mine).
I think this foot cream will be great for some. Sweet packaging, sweet scent, sweet feel.. if you're into the invisible feel (which I'm not)... I'm slowly working my way through the tube, and then moving on to something new or something already tried and loved.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Burt's Bees Goodies

August was a quiet month... but a little Burt's Bee haul occurred. I went in for a lip balm, but buy 1 get one half off was on and so I justified these 4.


1. Lip balm - Refreshing (grapefruit), and Nourishing (mango). Already used both, already love both... it's possible that I favour grapefruit slightly more.

2. Facial Towelettes - grapefruit. I didn't buy them for my face, I bought them for my feet. Let me explain. I've been doing regular yoga for about 5 months now. Summer time might be winding down, but it's still hot up north. I like to give my footsies a quick wipe with these before class. The scent isn't strong and doesn't last... but my feet feel refreshed and clean.

3. Almond & Milk Hand Cream - Because I needed a 4th to reap the promo benefits. Cracked the jar open, and I'm a fan (although in all honesty I only used it 3 times). However the scent is heavenly (if you're into marzipan / almond scents), and the formula feels nourishing and lovely. Feeling justified.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

IT Cosmetics Color Correcting + Anti Aging Blushin Veil in Sugar Plum

I feel as if IT is taking over my collection... but it is just so good that I'm OK with it.
This has made it onto my cheeks a few times... and as my favorite time of the year is approaching (autumn) it's going to be an even more frequent choice. The ombre in the pan alone is a feast for the eyes.
And it doesn't let you down once you decide to swirl your brush in it (heavy on the left, light on the right)... I have the original ombre blush (that I don't believe I ever talked about).... I think one of these days I'll do a blush collection post (there are so many)... or maybe just an IT blush collection, I have a few of those :)
Color, quality, performance... I haven't been let down.