Thursday, November 18, 2010

Favorite Pimple Blaster

My skin is far from perfect. Once I hit puberty, my face exploded.  As a young teen, I was convinced that the minute I turned 18, my face would magically clear up, 21 at the latest.  I truly believed that acne is a teen problem, and as an adult I will finally leave the grossness behind.  Can we all say seriously deluded???

The situation got a lot better once I went on the pill, but I would still get the occasional breakout.  A couple of year ago I decided to get off the pill, just incase I decide to have kids at any moment.  I have yet to crave a child, and I don't regret going off the pill.  But OMG!!! my face exploded, it was worse than anything I experienced as a teen.

I went to a dermatologist a few times. Got different prescriptions for different creams. They did nothing for my acne, but they sure dried out my skin like the dessert.  I remember once trying to put on foundation, and my face looked like I had snake skin.... scaly, sooo dry. God did I feel low about myself... Then my face became so dry, my skin started to crack around my nose area, that hurt even more.  When I informed my dermo about this, his response was "that's normal". I  was done, threw out his creams, and decided to find something on my own.  (Those of you who're thinking Acutane... that is not an option for me).

I'm still on the search, skin far from perfect, although better.  I change up my skincare routine, when after considerable time I see no results with the products I'm using, and trust me once I hit the winning combination I'll share it.

However while on my search I discovered Vichy's NormaDerm Active Anti-Imperfection Concentrate. This little gem has been a staple in my regimen for a while now. It's a bit expensive (a bit over $20 CAD for 15ml tube), but it seriously works to treat your spots.  It's a great creamy consistency, that you can rub into your spot during the day under your makeup or not, and at night if you're like me you can just slather it on like a mini pimple mask. It's not runny, or sticky at all, and it smells wonderful, a light refreshing scent, not medicinal at all.  It's pretty light green in color. This product has the highest percentage of salicylic acid I've ever seen without a prescription, 4%. Whenever I get the tingling feeling on my face of an oncoming eruption, I put it on, and voila, magic, most of the time, the pimple disappears and never turns into an ugly spot. This has even worked for me on my cystic breakouts, although not as quickly.

I love this magic little tube, and hope Vichy never discontinues it, or changes the formulation. Maybe I'll give more products from this line a try, once I'm done with my current testers.  I'll blog about it if i do :)

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