Sunday, November 28, 2010

it's bath time...

A couple of weeks ago I really wanted to take a bath.  I wanted some pretty bath stuff, so I ventured to Lush.  I've always passed this store by, I don't know why. But watching some online videos and reviews, made me think I've been missing out on some serious goodies. And so I went, and walked out with a bagful of bath bombs, bars, and melts. I couldn't help myself, they have a huge vegan selection.

Now before I take a bath I have a shower, because the idea of soaking in my own dirt grosses me out.  So I shower, I apply super rich conditioning mask to my hair, I fill the tub, drop the Golden Slumbers bomb (my choice that night, as pictured) and soak, and read, and relax... heaven...

Now a bit about the bomb, it fizzled out super quickly.  It smelled lovely. But the lavender pieces stuck to me and to the sides of the tub. Still, I enjoyed it. Can't wait to try more.

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