Friday, November 26, 2010

Jo Malone Obsession

Jay (my fiance) introduced me to Jo Malone years back.  It just wasn't affordable on our shoestring budget... actually most of Jo Malone is still beyond our budget, but we do splurge on a couple of things.  Well actually it's mostly Jay.

I own only one Jo Malone cologne in Orange Blossom. I've had it for about 4 years now.  And let me tell you this scent hasn't gotten any worse with age.  It's still as wonderful and powerful as the day I got it.  Now when you hear Orange Blossom, you may think of an orange scent... don't... instead in your mind try to picture and imagine the smell of an orange blossom orchard... heavenly. This cologne has unbelievable staying power, one spritz in the morning, and I can still smell it on myself well in the evening.  Usually I can no longer tell I am wearing a scent within a couple of hours. Not so with Jo Malone.  As you can see in the picture, I have used just a tad... it's expensive... approx $130.00 CAD, and I have a few perfumes. It's hard for me to stick to just one.

About 3-years ago I also bought a Jo Malone candle. It was a birthday treat.  The scent was grapefruit, sooo good... the price was a bit  over $100.00... ouch!.  But it was the best smelling candle I ever bought, it delicately perfumed our whole condo.  If I ever have more money than sense, that is all I'll burn in my home. I love candles.

Now onto Jay. I think I was the one to introduce him to Jo Malone shampoo and conditioner. They make only one flavor Lime Basil & Mandarin. Originally I purchased it for myself, but as much as I loved the scent, I found it too masculine for me. So I asked Jay to use it up, and he hasn't changed brands since.  The set is about $50.00 CAD, but since the bottles last him for at least three months (if not longer), super short hair... it's not such an exuberant amount.

He loved the sent of the shampoo and conditioner so much, that I bought him a cologne in the same flavor.  I love it, he loves it. :).

And last year, when he was repurchasing some shampoo, we got a few samples. (I actually always request a sample :)).  One of them was Sweet Lime and Cedar.  At the time the SA told us, it is a limited edition cologne, so if we like it, we might want to purchase it.  Well I didn't find the sample until last week, when I was organizing my drawer. I sprayed it on Jay, and didn't love it. But 5 min later, wow.... what a change, it was one of the best male cologne scents ever. I remember her saying "limited edition", but I guess it is now a part of the permanent line, because Jay used up his gift certificate he got for his birthday, and added another Jo Malone bottle to our collection.

Other than candles, I really want a Jo Malone Linen spray.  But I can wait on that, I'd need some super pretty sheets to spray it on first.

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