Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight

I've been eying NARS glosses for a while now.  But I couldn't justify the price, $28.00 CAD.  When Sephora sent me a coupon for 20% off any purchase in-store, I finally could sort of, kind of, justify my purchase.

I was torn between Chihuahua (for obvious reason that I own one and she's super awesome) and Turkish Delight (because it's freaking delicious and it was featured in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", by C.S Lewis). Ok, getting over the names, Turkish Delight won me over with its beautiful pale pink color, and no glitter chunks in sight.

I tested the colors on the back of my hand. That's as far as I go with in-store testing of any kind of a product that could have possibly had many, many different fingers in it.  I then easily follow with some sanitizer or makeup remover. I do not try any products in-store on my face that others can as well, no creams, no lipsticks, no lip glosses, no shadows, absolutely no mascaras or pencils of any kind. I'm not a huge germaphobe or anything, after all I have two dogs, a cat, and I share a washroom with a boy, but publicly shared cosmetics of any kind just have a certain ick factor for me.

I will take samples if they are individually packaged, or they come from a container fingers can't get into. Otherwise I'll just buy my product and hope for the best. 

So, loved it on the back of my hand. Not so much on my lips.  The gloss isn't clear, its opaque. A kind of milky pink, and it settles into the fine lines on your lips, even if I put lipstick on first.  So personally I do not like that look, but I'll use it up because I bought it, and it was pricey. It's actually a bonus for me that it doesn't wear very long at all, it needs constant reapplying.  I tried to take a picture of it on my lips to show what I mean, but it turned out gross, so you'll have to be satisfied with the swatch on the back of my hand.

A couple of pluses, because it's not a total disaster. It has nice consistency, it's not sticky and doesn't have a strong taste or smell.

I know many people out there love NARS glosses and Turkish Delight in particular, but I'm just not one of them.  One day when I have more money to burn I might buy another, but right now, I'll take a pass.

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