Monday, November 22, 2010

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Ex-press

A whole company built with a simple purpose to keep those two tiny hair trails above our eyes in place and looking their best.  I am amazed at our obsession with eyebrows.  But they do frame our faces. I mean have you ever seen someone without any, with just one, with crazy bushy ones, crazy arched, or simply two thin lines drawn on... Many make us giggle and stare, and some make us envious.

Well Anastasia seems to be on a quest to let each woman have the brows she's always wanted; perfectly shaped with appropriate thickness.

I saw her work her magic on Oprah once, and then again on the Shopping Channel.  When my Sephora got the Brow Ex-press in stock I finally splurged on one ($38.00 US).  There are two options: blonde and brunette. I chose the blond.  It is a very convenient traveling package, if you do that a lot.  But one needs not to travel to own it.

The set includes two different shadows (to blend and customize), wax (to set), cream highlighter, 4 brow stencils, and an angled brush. Now for the break down:
- I'm using up the wax the quickest, my set has quite a groove in it already, but it's been a couple of months. That will be the first thing needing replacing.  Even-though it is very nice, I don't know if I'll stick with Anastasia. Time will tell. 
- The next thing I will run out of is the cream highlighter.  I don't know how I'm using up more wax than this, but I am.  I really like the highlighter, its perfect creamy formula, the ease of application, and blendbility (mmm I just made that word up), and of course how it looks.  It is a perfect brow highlighter. 
- I mix my two shadows for a custom shade. These are highly pigmented, so I don't need a lot. The color matches my brows perfectly and fills in any gaps that need filling in flawlessly.  Those two shadows will last me for a very long while. In my set they look barely used.  Love it. 
- And the brush is a nice addition as well. It's angled for easy application and blending of the shadows and it doesn't shed.  I use it only with the two shadows. (I use separate and different ones for the wax and highlighter).

The only thing I'm not too crazy about, and don't use are the stencils. Maybe I've messed up my brows too much over the years, self shaping and grooming.  But none of the stencils fit my brow shape closely enough. Plus even if one of them did, I'd need help using them.  They are kind of stiff and awkward to manage by yourself. You definitely need two people to make sure they don't slip or shift, or maybe I'm just too uncoordinated. Anyways I decided not to use them. The fear of  butchering my two caterpillars was too great.

Overall I like this little set. I won't be repurchasing another one. But I will definitely pick up pieces as I run out of them.

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