Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I read it somewhere that a toner isn't a necessary step in your skincare routine if you use a proper cleanser.  But I've used one for so long, skipping this step seemed wrong.  So I decided to try a spray.  Instead of soaking a cotton ball and wiping my face, I simply spray my face, and let the goodness absorb (you can also pat it in if you'd like). I think that's the most unnerving part to get used to, closing your eyes and making sure the nozzle is aimed at your face, not above your shoulder :).

It was a tough choice, but in the end I bought Caudalie's Beauty Elixir, because its all natural, contains no parabens, no sulfates,  no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic dyes, no petro-chemicals, no phthalates, it's a serum as well as a toner, I heard grapes are excellent for your skin, and I loved the name.

You have to shake it up before spraying, there is a thin layer of essential oils that you want to incorporate. At first I was put off by the smell, too much rosemary or mint or something. But after a while I actually started to enjoy the scent, and found it invigorating, especially first thing in the morning, after washing my face, when most of my mind is still asleep and I'm going through the motions.

I used it as a toner, but I read it can also be used after foundation before powder to set your make up; and men can use it as an after-shave (maybe next time).

It made my skin feel, refreshed, awake, and dewy.  It never stung, even when I over did it with acne medication an my skin became uncomfortably dry.  I actually found it soothing, calming and a bit moisturizing (but not in a greasy way). This I think would also be delicious to use, in the summer when it's stifling hot outside. I might pick up a to-go bottle to keep in my purse when the season rolls around, or maybe I won't even wait that long.

I think this stuff is worth trying.  I won't be repurchasing a full sized bottle, because this wouldn't be much of a beauty blog if I just stuck with the same products. I sprayed the last of it this morning and already have a replacement on the shelf for tomorrow.  The price is also an encouragement to move on, currently it retails for $46.00 US for 3.4oz or $16.00 US for 1oz. But if after a while I won't find anything satisfactory out there, I'll definitely take a break from my search and purchase this again; sometimes quality is worth the price tag.

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