Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nail Polish Swatch: Lancôme Le Gris L'Wren Nail Polish

I picked up this little beauty at a Lancôme counter.  It is part of their 2010 holiday collection collaborated with L'Wren Scott. The color is called gray, but when I pointed to what I wanted at the counter, the girl said "ahhh the blue nail polish".  So which is it?  It's both... a gorgeous gray-blue or blue-gray. I'm in love with all things gray, and I adored this color the moment I saw it.

Lancôme has changed the size of their nail polishes. I'm not sure if it's only for this collection or if it is permanent.  The two polished in the 2010 holiday collection are both 6ml, as compared to their regular 10ml.  For someone like me, whose nail polish collection is taking over their drawer space, this is no big deal. I love changing my color all the time, smaller bottles mean less space, means more room for new additions. Plus the price is lower as well, so win-win.

As to application, well the formulation in my bottle was a bit thick and on the goopey side. Not so easy to apply. My second coat was much thicker than my first to even everything out.  But the final look, made me smile, this is definitely a unique shade, and worthy of any polish fanatic.  I think next time I decided to wear it, I might add a tiny touch of restore to the bottle to thin it out just a tad.... otherwise I have nothing but love for this gray...

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