Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lush: Big Blue bath bomb

Yet another bath using Lush products. Did I mention I love this stuff? :) Last time I chose to soak my worries and aches away using the Big Blue bath bomb ($6.00 CAD). Main components of this bomb are lemon, lavender, seaweed, and sea salts. Ahhh how relaxing.... No bubbles, but the water turns a lovely blue color, and you just float away.  I find that some bombs can have a strong scent when sampled in store, but keep in mind that they are concentrated, once dropped and dissolved in a bath, it is a totally different story.

There is only one drawback to this bath bomb; but it is easily corrected. This bomb has pletny of seaweed threads inside it, if you just drop it and let it melt in your tub, you'll have a lot of little black ribbons floating around. One, it's a bit of a clean up, and two I was worried they might clog my drain. So a note to myself and anyone else who likes to soak but not clean after; if your bath bomb has an ingredient in it that will not dissolve like seaweed, or lavender flowers, wrap it in cheesecloth first. That way you still get all the benefits and joy out of it, minus the hassle of pieces sticking to your skin or tub.

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