Friday, December 31, 2010


My boyfriend/fiance/future husband, does his best to keep me in Dior and any limited edition I talk his ear off about, within reason.... his not mine :) (reason leaves me when it comes to beauty products). But he also balances things out. For example, several months ago I accidentally broke my gorgeous Tissot watch while at the Jo Malone counter. I loved that watch. My wrist felt naked and itchy without it.

Jay got me a replacement....isn't it a  beauty? :) I don't know if he gave it to me as a joke because I destroyed something beautiful and was therefore undeserving of quality, or because he knows I would totally get a kick out of it... it doesn't matter, I love this ridiculous Hello Kitty watch... one of the best conversation starters ever; people can't help but comment on it.

One day in the distant future I hope to trade it in for an Omega; specifically Constellation Iris '95 Steel on Steel (as pictured, image taken from the Omega Watches website). Why an Omega? you might ask. Because it is the sample space; the total set of all possible outcomes :) 

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