Saturday, December 18, 2010

birthday treat

I'm a sucker for treats. Sephora has one for your birthday. It is available for pick up from two weeks before, to two weeks after your special day. I don't know how but I missed it last year, so this year I made sure I didn't. It was a cute little package that included a mini of their Aspen Summit eye shadow, a nano eye pencil in Silver Green, and a mascara.

I am sweet on the shadow. Haven't worn it yet, only swatched it on my finger. But I have a feeling I will enjoy it. It is a very pretty shimmery silver white. I don't know if I'll wear it in my inner corner or for brow bone highlight, or pair it with something else on my eyelid, but I will give it a go. It actually makes me think of a frosty, sunny, winter day.The pencil is a kind of grayish silver green; pretty. Nothing I own comes close to it, and it is definitely something I will wear. As the for the mascara, well as long as it doesn't clump or crumble I will enjoy it as well.
Presents take some of the sting away from the fact that I'm getting older :)

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