Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dior Tailleur Bar Palette

Grey has been my favorite color for over a decade now, every single shade; from palest to almost black. Then pink, then navy, then darks: greens, reds, purples, browns... and then the rest. Grays and grayed out colors dominate my nail polish collection. I went a bit nutty over it, about three months ago. So you can just imagine my excitement over the upcoming spring collections.

Anyways, while we were browsing/shopping on Sunday at Yorkdale we stopped by Holt Renfrew. Jay pointed a Dior item out to me. I glanced quickly, it was beautifully displayed in its own glass case.  I didn't linger because I figured Dior in its own special display is most likely too rich for my pocket. But I've been daydreaming about it and all that gorgeous gray I glimpsed... so I decided to find it online. I knew one of the beauty bloggers out there would have talked about it. Sure enough British Beauty Blogger and Best Things in Beauty didn't disappoint me. Once I read their descriptions, I wanted one of my own.. When I came home from work on Tuesday night, a favorite magenta bag was sitting on top of my laptop... he is delicious...

The Dior Tailleur Bar Palette came out in August 2010. I can't believe I have one. Only 150 of them were sold at the Dior counter at Selfridges London, and in total 4000 of them were made for world wide distribution. This gives me hope for the Chanel Lumieres Byzantine Palette
It comes in a beautiful white textured box. Which is really hard to see in a picture, but trust me, very pretty.
When you slip the box out of the protective sleeve and open it, you are presented with a thick-stock paper card brochure that gives you a brief history of the “Tailleur Bar” aka Bar Suit, lists the colors in the palette, and directions for application. Each palette is signed by Christian Dior (the creator of the jacket of course) and René Gruau (whose sketch was the inspiration for the palette), and is individually numbered. My number is 1852.
The palette is complimented with a Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge.
The color of Rouge Dior Serum de Rouge is Pearly Pink. A very lovely shade of pink, with just a hint of shimmer. This alone retails for $32 USD on the Dior website. I've never used it (because that is a lot of money to pay for a lipstick), but I'm looking forward to it. 
The beautifully designed eyeshadow illustrates Chritsian Dior’s  bar jacket from his 1947 “New Look” Collection and is composed using his favorite colors. In the palette: Blissful Pink (Rose Bonheur) on face, neck, and arm, Whisper Grey (Gris Soupir) jacket, Anthracite Black (Noir Anthracite) gloves, Storm Blue (Bleu Orage) hat, Dawn Grey (Gris Petit Jour) background. Who knew, that Christian Dior and I are attracted to the same shades :)
Palette pictured below first without flash, then with flash.

Isn't it fantastic? Like a piece of art. I want my own glass display for it :) I will definitely use the lipstick, but the shadows will remain untouched for now. The palette is just too gorgeous to dip into.

As Jay was cashing out, he inquired about their spring line. Holt online informed me that it will be available mid January. But the SA said "We received it yesterday." It isn't displayed, and because he's a genius who understands my obsession with anything labeled "limited edition" he asked nicely for the nail polishes. And so Gris Montaigne and Pink Boa (Rose Fanfreluche) are in my possession :)
The only sad part is that I can't wear them yet. I was really stressed out from mid November to mid December and my nails took a beating and started to split (I neglected them). I'm letting them grow out before I polish them.  Right now they're so ugly it would be a total waste of good polish.


  1. I've said it on your previous post, but he's a keeper. You're one lucky lady! :)

  2. Hi Jeannine... lol.. I know, he's my beauty enabler :)