Monday, December 6, 2010

more Lush

This Sunday I took another Lush bath.  Saturday we had our annual Holiday get together, and I was up until 4am on Sunday. Around noon on Sunday, once we rolled out of bed, we began the major clean up, along with some new furniture rearrangement.  It was a big job... so once we were done my muscles were aching and I just felt like some hot water and major bubbles.

Out of my Lush stash I chose the The Comforter Bubble Bar, because I heard and read some rave reviews.  The flavor of the bar is  blackcurrant, it's a light, delicious scent.  It is pretty sizable and my chunk cost me $8.95 CAD.  You can definitely cut it in two or four if you're budget savvy, I decided to experience the whole bar all at once (but next time I'll definitely halve it).

So once I showered and applied deep conditioner to my hair. I filled the tub while melting/crumbling the bar under running water. The water turned a lovely pink-purple and I got clouds of bubbles.  This is the best bubble product I've tried to date. The bubbles were crazy, I couldn't  believe it, pillows and pillows of bubbles, the water wasn't even halfway up the tub, and I had bubbles up to my chin already.

After just one use this product is already one of my favorites, and once it's time to restock my Lush stash this is one bar I'll be repurchasing 100%.


  1. My (very spoiled) 5 year old son LOVES baths with this bubble bar. Half the stuff we haul from Lush goes towards his baths!

  2. Hi Jeannine,

    He's one lucky little boy :)