Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burberry Eye Shadow in Almond

A very thoughtful gift from family in the form of a Holt Renfrew gift certificate was much appreciated.  Because I've been dreaming of owning a Burberry shadow since they first launched their makeup line earlier this summer (I believe it was July).

The line is relatively small compared to others.  It's clearly aimed at regular women vs make up artists.  It includes 9 liquid foundations, 9 compact foundations, 2 powders, 4 compact highlighters, 4 blushes, 14 shades of lipstick, 8 lip glosses, 5 lip liners, 5 eye liner pencils, a mascara, and a kabuki type brush. There are only 20 eye shadows in the collection and they are all wearable... very earthy colors .  There are no crazy bights or sparkles, instead lots of nudes and neutrals, soft pinks, blues, metallics, and a few dark ones for a more dramatic smokey looks.

While I was browsing the SA suggested a quick eye tutorial. But as I don't really like people touching me, and talking me into stuff I have no intention of purchasing, I declined.  I also already knew what I wanted, I was just browsing because I like to do it. I was torn between two shadows.  So I asked her looking at my color and eyes which one she would suggest for an everyday natural look.  Her automatic response was Almond... super... because that was one of the shades I was contemplating, and so the choice was made.

From the picture you can see that each shadow comes in its own special pouch. The compact itself is heavy for it's size, gunmetal in color (fave), with a magnetic closure. It also has a standard sponge applicator, that sometimes I'll use. And as you've noticed, I dipped into the upper left corner, so as to preserve the Burberry crosshatch on my shadow for a bit longer.

The color itself is gorgeous. It doesn't really translate in pictures. It applies with ease, blends beautifully, and lasts.  The price tag on the other hand, is another story. I'm happy that this wasn't coming out of my own pocket, because at $33.00 CAD per shadow, my salary needs to double for me to do it. So thank you Justyna, Mike, and Kinga :)

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