Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner

I'm starting to think of myself as a bit of a makeup/beauty junkie. But for someone who considers herself one I realized I don't own anything from MAC except for one nail polish.  So about 4 weeks ago, before Jason's drama, on a Sunday afternoon after work we decided to do some Holiday shopping. We went to Yorkdale Mall of all places, which is quite a trip for us.

For this Holiday season MAC came out with it's Tartan collection. I really liked the look, and decided to investigate.  Nothing was really calling my name until I swatched their Black Line pencil across the back of my hand. My mind just screamed out OMG! I have to have it! (yes my mind capitalizes and abbreviates :)) The smoothness and creaminess of this pencil along with the intensity of the color had me sold on it in a nanosecond.

Sadly they were all out.  But now I was a woman obsessed and on a mission, I just had to have it. From MAC store in Yorkdale we went to a MAC counter at The Bay (Yorkdale), no luck.  I was done shopping for other stuff, Jay and I jumped on the subway and headed to Eaton's Center. At the MAC store at Eaton's I got the Black Line, and at the MAC counter in The Bay (Eaton), I acquired Undercurrent and Petrol Blue (they were the last two). I was also seriously tempted by Black Swan but decided to exert a bit of control. At $17.50 CAD per pencil I reached my makeup allowance that day.

So as you can see from my picture:

Black Line is a gorgeous black with gold pearl shimmer.
Petrol Blue is a dark navy with blue pearl shimmer.
Undercurrent is a beautiful teal (I like to think of it as peacock green) with pearl shimmer.

I've worn them all... I love them all, they're lovely long wearing, non smudging definitely intense (so to each its own) pencils

Black Swan is a black pencil with a kind of silver pearl shimmer to it... so pretty, I still sometimes think about it, but haven't given in.

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  1. WOW. Just WOW. Those eyeliners are gorgeous! I love the shimmer! I don't know which one I like the best! Now I REALLY want/need to get these!