Sunday, December 12, 2010

scented candles

I love scented candles. Discovered these in early October at Bath & Body Works, a store I used to never visit because I found the sales people a bit pushy.  But for the love of scents, I put up with it.  The 14.5 oz 3-wick candles usually retail for $20 US (approx $23 CAD), but if you're patient, wait and eventually a sale will come on, like the one that's happening currently of "buy two for the price of one".

I really like the packaging, and the silver lid.  Once the candle is all burned out they are a very nice size for storing other things.  And the flavors these candles come in are amazing; around 60 different scents to choose from (if I'm not mistaken).  While I'm typing this I'm enjoying Autumn. I can't really describe the scent, except to say it's really pleasant.

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