Friday, January 28, 2011

cheap accessories

I never loose my head during the major sale days, i.e. Black Friday or Boxing Day (actually the whole Boxing week). I do not think there are deals to be found on these days, that I can't find throughout the year. Actually Boxing Day/Week is the bigger hoax... I think the real post Holiday sales come after that week... and are best in January.

Granted, many items may no longer be available. But I see it as a money saver. Because if I love it enough, I won't wait around to see it go on sale, but will buy it anyways. 

And here is an example of worth waiting for. My sister works in retail, and she let me know when their accessories went on clearance sale... and I mean clearance, $1.99 CAD for each piece.  She sent me pictures via Black Berry, and I made my choice. I felt like I had a personal shopper. I really don't need more accessories, but who could resist that price tag. Plus they are so much more versatile and convenient. You break it or loose it, you won't cry over it. And since each new season, brings new shiny things, at $1.99 I can afford to change it up often.... Pictured below my picks...
hahahahaha this picture almost makes me want to get my arms waxed... almost... this whole set 5 pieces $1.99
isn't this like the coolest ring? so shiny...
I think this necklace is my favorite piece...

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