Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clinique: Full Potential™ Lips Plump and Shine

I seem to gravitate to Clinique a lot. It's my in-between makeup phase, before I launch myself into the luxury brands :) But Clinique has some  nice stuff, and this one is a winner in my book.

Now I'm sure there will be plenty of those who disagree with me, because I know many people dislike what I actually love about this gloss. Mainly it is a bit on the thick side and sticky, and I mean really sticky. I have shortish hair, I don't get my strands stuck to my lips, but I understand that it is a major pet peeve for some.
This lip gloss also had an incredible wear time... I mean super long. If I didn't have to eat throughout the day, I wouldn't have to reapply. It is soooooo glossy, perfect wet, shiny pout. It has absolutely no scent or flavor... win-win for me. Clinique claims that it is plumping, and it may tingle upon application. I didn't notice the tingle until I read about it, then the next time I applied it, I was like "oh  yeah it tingles". The sensation is practically unnoticeable, well at least for me, maybe I have rhino lips... lol.
They have a nice color range. 19 shades in total. Pictured above: Cherry Bomb - pink swatch on the left (almost all used up, this one lives in my purse :)) and Peach Plump- sheer swatch on the right... they retail for $22.50 CAD.
On my lips above a combination of both. Will I be repurchasing? Absolutely... I just need Clinique to have a promotion of a gift with purchase somewhere :).

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