Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clinique - Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

When I'm feeling lazy, or running late. I usually reach for one of these.  It's a soft, light wash of color for your eyes that lasts and lasts. Well it does for me :)

I dab it on and blended it out with a synthetic brush. I suppose you can do it with the wand that's included, or with your finger, but I find my brush gives me the best results. I like the subtle sheen and the barely there color on my lids.
They retail for $19.50 CAD and Clinique claims that it wears for up to 10 hours. I have to agree. Pictured below my eyelids with no primer, only Clinque Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Sea Shell, hour 11, and no creasing. 


  1. See how behind I am? I didn't know Clinique even had these. I sort of started to stay away from the brand when I busted out of my mother's makeup shell and discovered MAC. But these look gorgeous! :)

  2. Wow, that's impressive wear time. I have yet to find something that doesn't crease on me sans primer.

  3. PS - I tagged you. See my blog! :)

  4. oh ! i didn't know Clinique has these :X

    looks nice for the barely-there look though!

  5. Thank you Jeannine :)

    I never gave Clinique much attention when it came to makeup. But one day I was at the counter to pick up one of my fave things, the SAs were busy... I started to play... and discovered these :)

    Definitely a barely there makeup look, but at 5:30am that's all I can manage :)

  6. Pretty! I think I would definitely like the Seashell shade :)