Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deborah Lippmann: cuticle remover and cuticle oil

So you send someone for their first ever manicure, and they come back an expert on all things nails. I've been having nail issues for a couple of months now. According to Jay and all the pretty girls at the spa this is what I need to get them back on track.

Now I have to say at $22 CAD ($20 USD) each, I would probably never buy this Deborah Lippmann duo for myself; so I'm glad I have someone who does :)  In some respects I am a contradiction, splurging on some things and cheaping out on others. I'm don't claim to be rational or reasonable...

Back to the products... I had this irrational fear of the cuticle remover. I was afraid I'd leave it on too long and it will burn or my nail will start to come off. Totally ridiculous, because I've had it used on my nails in the spa before... It's actually quite nice. I use it a couple of times a week, after I had a shower or a bath, and my cuticles are nice and soft already. I must say they are definitely looking much better.

As for the oil... I already have a couple of different ones in my possession, but I like the scent of this one the best (very, very settle and lovely at the same time), and it does feel nice when I rub it in... I use it every time I use the cuticle remover. Deborah recommends using the oil often, whenever you feel the need, but the price does keep me from reaching for it. Instead I'm using up all the other ones I have...

Both bottles come with droppers, but the bottles have brushes if that's your preference.  Personally I like a dropper for the remover, and a brush for the oil. I find I use too much oil with the dropper.

Now will these products be repurchased? Most likely not by me (I'm cheap remember :)), but someone will be going back regularly for manis now... I'll be sure to hint when I'm running low. My shallow side loves the Deborah Lippmann brand and packaging :)


  1. I love, love, love her polishes - it would stand to reason that her treatments are good, too!

  2. totally agree she has some of the prettiest colors around... Bad Romance keeps selling out on me. It's never in stock when I stop by... I need it... lol