Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Derm Organic: Shampoo and Masque (conditioner)

You Tube is one of my favorite procrastinating aids.  I subscribe to a few channels, and not all of them are beauty ones :)  On one of my many random video browsing sessions I stumbled upon Nicole and her The Source Skincare Channel, she also has a website by the same name.  One of her videos is all about Derm Organic. The minute I viewed it I wanted to try the shampoo and conditioner. Lucky for me Trade Secrets actually carries the brand. The products retail for $16 CAD and some change each.

Pictured is my second set. I guess that means I like it :) I interchange the shampoo with my Macadamia Natural Oil one. The masque aka conditioner I use every single time I wash my hair. The products have a nice light scent. Nicole describes it as “fresh”... I guess I agree :) My hair feels fluffy and clean after using these products; it’s not weighed down at all. For a detailed review of both please view her video. It is very detailed and I really will only be reiterating what she already said.

The only comment I have is about the bottles. I like that they have pumps, but getting the last of the shampoo out was not easy. It got really, really thick. I actually liked the consistency, but it wouldn’t pump out anymore. I had to flip the bottle over, and squeeze, shake, tap, and at the very end stick my finger in to get the last of the product out. Still worth it...

If you’re in the market for organic, vegan, hair products that actually work... I suggest you give this line a try.

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