Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here is the thing...

The problem with being a late bloomer when it comes to beauty, is that I missed out on some pretty unique stuff. I've accepted that fact for the most part, and look forward to new editions instead. But still I was real sorry to miss out on a couple of items. Specifically Chanel Illusion D’or nail polish and Dior Lemon Balm nail polish.

I've been looking online for them, but the usual asking price was too high for my wallet. I don't admit defeat easily when I really, really want something, and so I continued my search. One day I stumbled upon an ebayer who had both of these for sale at a very reasonable price. Well reasonable in my opinion, people with common sense might disagree. The problem was, this person is located in Hong Kong, so I was a bit weary about ordering; because that's a long way to ship, and nail polish bottles do break. However this ebayer has awesome rating; power seller with a 99.9% positive feedback. In the past 12 months,1604 positive ratings and only 1 negative. Extremely reasonable shipping charges, and the fact that the loonie was a bit higher than the greenback, tipped the scales and I made my purchase.
The beauties arrived in 10 days, intact. Just look at that packaging, lots of bubble wrap :) also got a little bit of a refund, because Yiu combined my two purchases into a single package. That was very nice. I am extremely happy. The ebayer is yiuchinyu, (click on the name to be taken to Yiu's ebay store). My nails are almost ready for polish yet again... :)
Now I'm only  missing Kaleidoscope from Chanel, but I think I can let it go. Even I draw a line at spending $80 USD on a bottle of nail paint.

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  1. I, too, am wary about buying polish on eBay. But I found a reasonably priced set of China Glaze OMGs and just went for it. Sometimes it works and you get a good score!