Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lex Cosmetics

During one of my favorite pastimes of late, surfing nail polish sites, I stumbled upon Lex Cosmetics. Now this is a great concept for a company, and I wish I came up with it. Lex Cosmetics creates nail polishes you want to wear. You submit your idea for a nail polish color and a short story behind it, and people vote. The person with the most votes has their nail polish color made. You also pick the name for your color. Currently there are 10 shades for sale online. They retail for $10 USD, and $1 from each sale goes to a charity of your choice, that you choose from a list of participating charities on their site. Now that makes buying these polishes that much more worth it.

I ordered three shades:
Seattle Sunshine - the light gray. But of course I had to have the gray, and the name simply rocks.
Haggard Life - the brownish red? Hard to tell, looks like an interesting color.
Himalaya - the dark green, because I have a weakness for dark shades as well.
Their polishes are big three free and I just can't wait to try these out (my nails are taking forever to grow out). To check out the story behind each shade, visit their site.
I thought the handwritten note that was included with my order was so sweet. I am so looking forward to see what new shades this company will make next.
So if anyone out there has a great polish color idea they would like to see created. Submit it and let me know. I will totally vote for it, and get everyone I know to vote for it as well :)

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