Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lise Watier: Eye Shine pencils

I have a weakness for creamy, soft, eye pencils. Not all pencils are created equal, even within the same brand. Lise Watier has a lovely range, and these three are my choice picks from her eye shine metallic pencils line.
My favorite way to wear them, is to create a nice, light, neutral lid, and then just  add them as a pop of color on my lower lash line. I'm too old to get away with much more than that, but I do love bright colors so....
Pictured, from left to right:
Bleu Lagoon - gorgeous light bright baby blue
Peacock - blue-green, teal
Jungle - a kind of military green
no flash
with flash


  1. These look nice, both in color and texture! I hate when pencils are really hard, and you have to like...dig into your eye to get any pigment.

  2. I know... why are they out there if the first place, blows my mind... don't they test them first??? creamy is my weakness :)