Monday, January 10, 2011

Lush: Amandopondo Bubble Bar

Rose, lemon, orange scented bubble bath... ahhhhhh. It doesn't get any better that this on a cold winter night. My bubble bar had some gold sparkels on it, I don't know if that was transfer from something else or not, but it was nice to soak with a few twinkling gold flakes :), and since I rinse my skin off at the end of my bath it did not matter if they stuck to me or not. I'm down to one Lush treat, it is time to restock. I'm planning to do that this weekend... I can't wait. Might drag Jay with me (if he's not working)... I know he'll enjoy it :) Untill then, I think I'll jot down a few things I want for sure, so I won't forget them once I'm in the store, sourrounded by Lushness...

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