Sunday, January 30, 2011

Make Up For Ever: Acqua Cream - 2 Steel

I purchased this little pot a few days after watching Lisa Eldrige's A Work/College Look video. It just looked so good on her; and I love easy, simple, one shadow looks. Especially since I'm not much of an early morning person. I have the speed of molasses, it takes me forever to get my face on.

I purchased the same shade she used, number 2 Steel.  I have a few neutral, beige, soft brown, shadows so it was nice to break out a bit and get a really pretty gray shimmer shadow. The pots are really generous in size, this will last me forever.  They retail for $25CAD ($22 USD) each. Pictured below first with no flash, then with flash.
 I enjoyed this shadow. It is really nicely pigmented, and definitely long lasting. I did not use a primer and it did not crease on me at all. I think this would work well as a base for more intense smokey and dark looks. It is waterproof and therefore I find you need to work fast with it, because it sets quite quickly. I haven't got the fine art down of brush vs finger yet, it will take a bit of practice. Pictured below are my lids the first time I applied it. Not a perfect blending job, but I think you get the idea :) (I'm only a newbie make up lover.) Next time I'm going to try to blend it up and out a touch more, and take my time with it (this was a bit of a rush job, we were running late). 

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  1. I love cream eyeshadows! Just letting you know I've given you the stylish blogger award. :)