Monday, January 17, 2011

My Estée Lauder Spring 2011 picks...

At the very beginning of January, Jay and I were at Holt Renfrew. At the Estée Lauder counter I spotted their spring 2011 line up. I went over and asked for two things that I wanted: the nail polish and the eye palette; and I was told that they are not yet being sold.

I was miffed. How can you display it, tease me with it, but not let me have it?!

The SA informed me that I can pre-order, and that I should since I want over $50 worth of stuff, I will get a free gift if I do. Free gift??? Well say no more. She took my name, my phone number, and my visa number. I felt iffy about giving my visa, it makes me paranoid. I kept checking my bank account online constantly, making sure there are no strange charges.

On Thursday I got the call that the line is finally available. On Friday after work, I headed straight to Holts. But my order wasn't at the counter, I had to find the Customer Service desk. Well...ok... I went to customer service and they already run my credit card. I didn't want to pay with my visa, I wanted to pay cash. I though my visa was for ensuring I don't miss out. Well anyways there is a gift in there, right? I didn't have time to check, I was running late... we had dinner plans with friends.

Pictured below the gorgeous Wild Violet palette... I love all the colors
and the swatches
in setting sun
soo pretty... I wish Estée Lauder had individual names for their shades... but they don't... still this palette will get a lot of use...
and of course I had to have the Wild Storm nail polish... can't resist gray
now for that free gift...
ok I was swindled... those are two samples... this is not a gift... I was expecting something along the line of gift with purchase that Estée Lauder does... I will not give my info so freely next time. Name and phone number, fine... visa I don't think so. I was going buy the eye shadows and polish anyways... I can do with out the "free gift"...

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