Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bobbi Brown blush in Nectar

I was on a certain website once, long, long time ago... so I don't remember the address. But on this site just for fun you could upload a picture of yourself or use one of the ones available on the site and change your hair color, hair cut, and apply make up. I chose to upload a picture of myself and played around one afternoon. On one of my looks, this blush looked really pretty. I know, I know... lol... it's a computer screen, colors may not be true to shade, but I wrote it down and a few weeks later on a random visit to Holt's I picked it up.

Bobbi Brown's blush in Nectar is a gorgeous pink coral shade. It's matte so no shine but it's not chalky either, very nicely pigmented and applies like a dream. The container seems kind of small only 0.13oz but since you really don't need much product to get a lovely pay off, I think it's worth the money ($24 USD... I don't remember what I paid exactly at Holt's in CAD... as I said it was a long, long time ago)
a little swatch... obviously I packed it on a bit :).... but sooo pretty...
Bobbi Brown  blushes are definitely worth the investment. 

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