Friday, February 18, 2011

CHANEL Rouge Coco Lipstick in Jersey Rose

If you check in with this blog on a somewhat regular basis, you know spring is on my mind. I just want to retire my winter coat to the back of my closet. And now that all the spring makeup lines are all out, I just can't resist browsing and coveting some of the items. Seeing swatches of Chanel's Jersey Rose lipstick online, convinced me I need one. The color is a pretty shade of peachy pink with some very fine shimmer in it... so spring. At the Chanel counter I asked for their "Jersey Shore" lipstick... duhhhh... couldn't stop laughing about it... the SA knew what I was asking for, and supposedly I wasn't the first person who asked for "Jersey Shore".... hahahaha
Well Chanel sure makes a quality product, and for a lipstick that retails a bit over $40 CAD (with taxes) I'd expect nothing less. The formula is wonderful, smooth, hydrating, and it smells lovely as well.
Oh my.... I think I'm starting to get lipstick fever... I'm so glad I purchased this shade. Beautiful... the price is the only thing that keeps me from acquiring more at this time...

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