Thursday, February 24, 2011

Givenchy Blush Gelée Jelly Blush

I should stay away from Sephora... but I'm weak... sooo weak... especially when I spot a limited edition item. This is the coolest blush I own... love it. It's a part of Givenchy spring line... pictured below a tube of Candide Pink...
my first blush with a foam applicator... you press on it a few times while putting a bit of pressure on the tube to get the product to dispense...
 on the applicator the shade appears bright magenta-pink (some of the intensity is lost in the picture), but nothing to fear, you won't have magenta cheeks... well unless you want to :)
 intensity is buildable... and the color is gorgeous... simply gorgeous
A few observations:
1. This blush is completely matte. It does not have any shimmer or shine to it. Perfect for any skin type, but especially oily, because it won't melt off or make your skin appear oily.
2. It is a gel so it is a bit watery. Don't apply it over your foundation, as you will simply move it around and ruin your look. I apply this blush first, and depending on what coverage I choose, I build my intensity accordingly.
3. Blend with your fingertips. Blending with the applicator might result in a bit more product on your cheeks than wanted.

I love swatching products on the back of my hand when I'm browsing in Sephora. Everything: shadows, liners, lipsticks, glosses, foundation, blushes. At the end of my visit, the back of my left hand looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. Like every other visit, at the end I grab some tissues, soak them with makeup remover and clean my hand. I did this time as well. Everything came off except the blush.... wow staying power of this stuff is incredible.

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  1. OOOOOH! Love this! I'm afraid to look up the cost of this lol. I'm addicted to Rose Tint from Benefit but have been looking for something that is easier to apply. Thank you for feeding my obsession! :)