Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MUFE Lab Shine Lip Gloss

So I was at the mall this past Saturday. Of course I could not be at the mall and not visit Sephora. As I was passing by the MUFE collection, my eye was drawn to the top shelf, and a little voice in my head said "ohhhh something new!" Make Up For Ever came out with a new range of lip glosses called Lab Shine. 35 shades split across three different categories:
1. Diamond collection consists of 12 shades that provide sheer coverage with a little bit of sparkle.
2. Star collection consists of 14 shades that are medium in coverage with a pearly shine.
3. Metal collection consists of 9 shades that provide full coverage with a chrome finish.

As I was swatching these on the back of my hand, a scent hit my nose, and it literally sent me back in time and space. To me personally, these glosses smell like a plum compote that my grandma and mom used to make each fall in Poland years back (like over 20 years ago). (We lived in a very small village, and preserved a lot of our own produce each season.). I find this scent incredible, and indescribable... it makes me dizzy with happiness...
But scents are individual... and I'm sure others won't feel the same love for it I do. But I sincerely hope MUFE never changes the formula or discontinues this product.
I will pick up more colors in the future, but that Saturday I settled for a tube form their Star Collection; shade number S24, a pearly coral gloss.
 I love this shade. I love the way it smells. I love the way it tastes. I love the way it looks. It applies very smoothly and it's not sticky at all. According to MUFE  the formula contains camelina oil, mother-of-pearl particles, hyaluronic acid, and apricot fragrance. Because of hylauronic acid it is a nicely moisturizing gloss, and the apricot fragrance explains why I associate the smell with plums. My new favorite for sure :)

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