Monday, February 14, 2011

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipstick

So I was in a drug store a few days back picking up some essentials. Like any other time, I navigated the beauty aisles slowly. I usually leave empty handed, drugstore brands don't hold much appeal for me. I'm a brand snob. But this time, Revlon caught my eye. Specifically their ColorBurst™ Lipstick in Blush 035.
The packaging is just so nice (the crosshatch pattern very reminiscent of Burberry...hmmm), and the swatch on the back of my hand looked so lovely, I couldn't pass it up. At $11.99 CAD, I decided to acquire it.
 Description form the Revlon website describing this lipstick as "Luxurious, rich color that feels virtually weightless." It does feel wonderful on, applies very smoothly, has no taste or smell. Really a quality product.
I love the shade. Blush is a lovely neutral with a light sheen to it.  It will live in my purse, because I see myself reaching for it a lot. It's a color you just can't go wrong with.
At home, while having a bath I was flipping through March 2011 issue of Fashion magazine, and there on the very last page was a quick interview with Gucci Westman, a makeup artist and Revlon global artistic director. She created a couple of limited edition items for Revlon. The last question was:
What do you hope to achieve when you create products?
I want Revlon to be the most affordable prestigious brand in the mass market.  The recession made everyone a little bit more pensive about where their money goes, so I really want to seize that moment and make Revlon the brand that it used to be but modern and cool.  I want to be a real, credible face behind it, being a mom of two and a wife.  It's all about efficiency.  I want to be efficient but chic. It's all I want to do.
Hmmmm... if this lipstick is anything to go by... she might be on her way...


  1. i have this lipstick and it's really nice!! I find that you have to reapply it a lot though x

  2. I've tried these lipsticks, the Soft Nude shade, I didn't like it :(