Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vichy Purete Thermale Soothing Eye-Make Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes

As written on the back of my bottle:
"Reduces signs of tiredness. pH-balanced. Tested on sensitive eyes including contact lens wearers under ophthalmologic  control. Paraben Free."
On the front label two ingredients are listed: cornflower water and pro-vitamin B5.

This does feel lovely on my eyes. Very soothing and refreshing. But it does not remove my eye make up. At best it smudges it a bit. I have to rub and rub to actually get the job done, and that is not very good for someone who's already worried about pre-mature wrinkling.

I switched to the oil cleansing system for my make up removal so I don't use this for that purpose anymore. However as you can see in the picture I'm almost done with the bottle. I saturate a cotton pad in the morning, and use it as a wake-up call on my eyes. Feels so nice... but cold water would have the same effect I think.

Will this be repurchased once I'm finished... at this time no. The con outweighs the pro. (Retails for $15 USD... around $18 CAD).

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  1. I totally agree!! It doesn't remove any makeup at all! I always have to use the purete thermal 3 in 1 cleanser to remove it after using the eye makeup remover!