Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

This is the first concealer I ever bought (over two years ago). I chose it because Light Golden is the perfect color match for me. It is pricey 0.5oz for $42 USD. I wish they sold it in smaller tubes, because while 0.5oz isn't a lot, it's a lifetime supply with this product. This concealer is so highly pigmented, seriously I squeeze out the tiniest amount, and usually don't need it all for my face. Actually the first time I used it, I had no idea of the coverage this will provide and I started to slather it on. I had to wash my face, it was way too much. When using this product less is definitely more. 

This concealer can be used under the eye area as well. But I don't because: one, I'd need a different shade and two, I like a different product for that particular job.

But overall this is a good product that I enjoy, and it will go bad or I'll get tired of it waaaay before I need another one.  :)

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