Monday, March 14, 2011

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Mist - Sleep, in Warm Milk and Honey

Few months back I was at a Bath and Body Works looking at their aromatherapy display, and I remembered a product that I saw while watching a youtube video by Blair aka juicystar07. She used this spray, and really enjoyed it. So I thought to myself what the heck, I have problems sleeping, maybe there is something to it.

This is a body spray, but I spritz my pillow approximately 3 times with it instead. At first I was put off, the scent is so strong and so sweet. Now when I spray it or smell it... my mind automatically goes into a bedtime mode, and so does Honey's (my chihuahua). The minute I spritz it, she starts circling the bed, waiting for me to get in, so she can curl up and pass out.

I was at Bath & Body Works a few days ago and did not see this flavor on the shelf, instead they had Lavender-Vanilla and Lavender-Chamomile. Each bottle retails for $15 USD. I will most likely repurchase this product once I run out, even-though they don't have this scent anymore. I don't know I kind of like the idea behind it...


  1. Omg! This sounds amazing! I have trouble sleeping so any little routine I can use to trick my body into going to sleep I am down for! Hopefully I can find this in Texas :)

  2. I haven't tried these, but I like the bottle!

  3. I just got some goodies from Bath and Body Works myself and have to say I'm rather happy with them! x