Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dior: Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter

Dior.. so beautiful. The packaging is so lovely. The shiny Dior embossed lid, the velvet-like storage sleeve. I don't remember my thought process when I decided to purchase this item... it just seemed right. The following is from Dior Website:
"To offer all skin types a texture that acts like an optical filter, erasing shine and flaws while revealing the living matter of nude skin, Dior has developed its very first optical effect crystalline formula. Totally transparent silicone microspheres recreate the illusion of the most flawless nude skin thanks to three unique properties:
Transparency: Their incredible soft focus effect helps erase imperfections and even out and smooth the surface of the skin.
Softness: Their ability to melt perfectly into the skin in an ultra-thin halo, making them imperceptible to the eye and the touch.
Matte: They help bring the impeccable velvety feel of nude skin without a powdery effect and with extreme comfort."
 You can wear this product on top of your foundation, underneath your foundation, or instead of your foundation. The applicator included is spongy on one side, and velvety on the other. Use the spongy side when applying before or instead of foundation. Use the velvety side when applying over foundation. Don't rub, but pat it in.  The product looks white in the compact, but it applies clear, and it is lovely. It totally improved the wear, and life of my foundation, and the appearance of my skin. It doesn't last all day, needs reapplying after about 5 hours for me... but I still think it's worth it.
The price is painful $42 CAD ($40 USD). I wish there was more product for the money. Move the applicator underneath, and double the good stuff please :)

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