Friday, March 18, 2011

dr. brant pores no more pore refiner

At one point I was on a search for a pore refiner/primer. I purchased dr. brant pores no more pore refiner because I liked how it felt on the back of my hand. (Excuse the messy picture, I should have totally given my tube a wipe before snapping the pic.) I like this upside down packaging. Better yet I like this product. It applies very smoothly, evens out my skin tone a bit, and gives my face that matte look. It shrinks my pores a tad, and keeps me shine free for about 6 hours. It does not clog my pores so overall I am happy with my purchase.

It retails for $45 USD... bit pricey but I think oily and or big pored skin types might find it worth their while to give this product a try.


  1. I wish there was a product that actually made you have no pores, haha :)