Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garnier Herba Shine

I am lucky enough to have a lot of grays... ugh... lucky genetic streak.  I used to get my color done at the salon....  but it's just soooo expensive to keep up. I like the result right after but not the fade out in the weeks to come. I used to get permanent color, then I switched to semi-permanent because I felt it was less damaging to my hair and I wanted to avoid the clear delineation between color and the growth (as I said lazy and cheap when it comes to keep up).

So I started searching for less pricey options. That's how one day I decided to try Herba Shine by Garnier. It's ammonia free and contains bamboo extract. The big promise of 100% gray coverage is what got me to give this product a go. At first I tried Medium Ash Brown 510. On my hair in 10 min this turned out practically black, but in a couple of washes it toned down and I really, really liked it. I used that shade two more times after that. Now that spring is on its way I decided to lighten it up a bit with Light Brown 600. I like 510 a little bit more, while 600 is nice it's just a bit too golden for me.

Over all I like this product, it totally delivers. It does cover your gray, the colors I tried are gorgeous, and last for 28 washes (I counted). Also in Toronto at least this product is always on sale somewhere. I always pay less than $10 CAD for it, and that's a lot cheaper than having my color done at the salon, but it lasts just as long.

Once the current shade wears out I'll will be trying something new, that's supposedly even healthier for my locks. I will post about it when I do, and if it doesn't work I will totally go back to using Garnier.

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