Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jewlery Party

I've heard of Tupperware parties, but I thought it was something that only happened on sitcoms and tv shows. That is, until my sister invited me to one. Yes… a Tupperware party. Surprisingly, I had fun, and acquired a couple of pieces. A month later or so she had a jewelry party. Sadly I missed that one. But on a recent visit, a friend of hers was having a jewelry party, and I tagged a long. 
Refreshments and snacks were provided by the host. There was a display of some of the pieces to play with and try on if interested. Everyone present was given a magazine, which had pictures and prices of all the available pieces, and your own stickies to mark the pages which catch your attention. Every single picture in the magazine is true to size... seriously, it was tested. 
I went through that magazine 3 times, and each time I saw something new. Eventually I settled on two items, a pair of feldspar earrings and a stackable ring. Placed my order (Sunday), and received them on Tuesday. That was speedy. I am really happy with my purchase, and am considering hosting a party of my own :)… but first I'll put feelers out there to see if there is enough interest to attend.

First my ring which has a garnet in one of the bands...
 and a my feldspar earrings...they're pretty sizable and feel so smooth to the touch, I find myself playing with them all the time...

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