Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jo Malone Tea Fragrance Blends

One of Jay's and my favorite, Jo Malone recently introduced limited edition fragrances. All inspired by a quintessential British past time, high tea. The limited release is composed of five colognes:
- Assam & Grapefruit
- Earl Grey & Cucumber
- Fresh Mint Leaf
- Sweet Milk
- Sweet Lemon

When Jay and I were at Holt Renfrew a couple of weeks ago, we smelled them all. Two jumped out at me, Earl Grey & Cucumber (heavy notes of Bergamot, very nice), and Sweet Lemon (to us it smelled liked chamomile, we like it). We didn't purchase any, because we liked them, but we did not love them.

This past Saturday while running some errands I stopped by Holt to give them a second smell. While I was sampling, a Jo Malone SA approached me and asked "Have you ever tried mixing them?" Well I've thought about it I said, but never actually have. And she says you have to try this, and on one of those scent strips she sprayed Assam & Grapefruit and Sweet Lemon... passed it to me... I inhaled and was lost. I loooooove it soooooo much, and as you can see I couldn't leave without it. I purchased the last of bottle of Sweet Lemon... no regrets

ummmm Jo Malone doesn't come cheap... each fragrance 30ml, $70 CAD...

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