Monday, March 7, 2011

Laura Mercier spring look at Holt Renfrew

So the seasonal make up lines are released by the respective beauty giants, and beauty insiders always manage to post a sneak peak of what's coming up, the privileged few even provide us with swatches to drool over and make advanced shopping lists.

Holt Renfrew in Toronto has little events each time a line (they carry) releases something new. I've always wondered about them, I've visited and have seen ladies sitting in makeup chairs getting their faces done. So when a Laura Mercier spring look event came up I decided to sign up and see what's it all about. Two reasons behind it:
1. I've never had makeup consultation/application by a professional.
2. I really like LM's spring line.

So at 10:45am on Saturday Feb. 26th, I plopped my ass down in a chair at the LM counter. Since this was an event a LM makeup artist was present for consultations from somewhere fabulous in the world that I can't remember. He did my foundation and chose the colors for my eyes. Did one of my eyes and passed me off to a girl who works regularly at the counter.

Two huge surprises:
1. The spring line wasn't brought up or used…. at all; and I thought that's what the event was all about, creating a look using LM spring colors.
2. I apply foundation better on my own.

So was the visit worth it? Yes and No.
Yes - I enjoyed myself, and did pick up a few treats and also received a Laura Mercier gift.
No - because I didn't really learn anything new.

Below a picture of me, about 2hours after the event. A light neutral, everyday, look....
 On my face:
- oil free primer
- oil free foundation in Warm Ivory
- secret camouflage #2
- secret concealer #1
- sateen eye colour in Guava (all over the lid)
- matte eye colour in Fresco (crease)
- matte eye colour in Twilight Grey (corner)
- tightline cake eye liner in Charcoal Gray
- eye brow pencil in blonde
- second skin cheek colour in Rose Bloom
- long lash mascara in Black
- powder
- unfortunately I do not remember the color of the lip pencil, lipstick, or gloss

My free goodies:
 From left to right:
- foundation primer
- fresh fig souffle body creme
- repair serum
- mascara
all packed in a cute slim pencil case style makeup bag


  1. That's kind of a let's a pretty look, but I feel like that's something you could have done at home.

    But at least you got free stuff! Yayy free stuff! ^_^