Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lush: American Cream Conditioner

I am renaming this conditioner from American Cream to American Dream, because that's what it is... simply dreamy. Honey, vanilla, strawberries, and oranges... mmmm what a wonderful recipie for a smoothie, even better that's it's going on my hair. It makes my locks so soft, and it smells great... I just want to "whip my hair back and forth" so that I can smell it all the time.

I have fine hair and this is rich and nourishing, but it doesn't weight it down. I use it every other day. I think everyone should give this dreamy product a try... another holy grail for me :)

It comes in three sizes:
100ml for $8.95 CAD
250ml for $18.95 CAD - this is the one I bought
500ml for $27.95 CAD - this is the one I'm going to buy next, because it's worth it, and I love it

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