Friday, March 25, 2011

Origins Multi-Grain Makeup SPF 14

I picked this up when it first came out... around two years ago. The ingredient list of this product reads a  bit like a recipe for a baked good or something: oatmeal, soy, tapioca, rice flour, barley, wheat germ, pomegranate, goji berry, vitamins C and E, and all-natural sunscreens.. Sounds wonderful.  At that time I was just starting getting serious about makeup and this seemed like a good product to purchase. One drawback, it only comes in 5 shades.... why so few?
I purchased light-medium, because light has a bit of a pink undertone in it, and I already have a lot of red in my face, and light-medium is a bit more yellow based. The product looks a bit darker in the container that it will on your skin. You tap out what you need and blend it in the lid. I use this as a setting powder because it is very sheer in coverage. It can be layered a bit for medium coverage, but I never went that far with it. I really like this powder, it's really easy to work with, and I just feel like all the ingredients are good for my skin.  It retails for $25 USD...
When Origins first introduced this product you received this brush when you purchased it. This brush is so so so so so soft and dense, and I can't believe it I got it for free. Actually I got two, because I hit up two different stores for the powder :) Currently this brush alone retails for $22 USD and trust me, it's worth every penny.
So overall, great powder and an awesome brush.

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