Saturday, March 5, 2011

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser

This is another cult favorite. On Sephora website as I write this post, this product has received 5074 reviews and has a near perfect rating.  And since I was looking for a cleanser at one point I bought it.

It is a cult favorite for a reason, this is a nice gentle face wash. It leaves your face feeling clean but not dry. A lot of times my face would get that tight feeling after cleansing, but not with Purity.  At first I didn't like the scent (a number of people out there don't), but the scent grows on you, and now I no longer mind it.

Pictured the non-foaming version, I prefer it.  Philosophy claims this is a one-step facial cleanser that perfectly removes dirt and makeup, but I still prefer to use a makeup remover before Purity, and a toner after.

Overall this is a lovely, creamy textured cleanser, that does what it claims. No regrets with this purchase :)

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