Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dior Vernis - Gris Montaigne & Lancôme - Disco Silver (nail polish swatch)

Both of these colors are from the respective spring 2011 makeup lines. The silver cap on the Dior polish slips off so you are left holding a nice manageable brush. Not so with the Lancôme one, but it wasn't awkward to use anyways, but then again I did only one nail with it.
 Gray is my favorite color. So I'm totally enjoying this shade. The Dior formula is also a definite winner, smooth, creamy, easy to work with; and I quite like their flat brush... 3 strokes and my nail was painted. Pictured below two coats of Dior.
 On my ring finger one coat of Lancôme's Disco Silver. This is not a polish I'd wear on it's own. A bit much; and I probably have to do a few coats to achieve opacity. But I like it as an accent. Silver sparkles that spread quite evenly. There is no dimension to these pieces, no matter what light or angle, they are simply little silver flecks. I put a coat of Essie's to dry for top coat, and my ring fingernail feels nice and smooth to the touch.
 Below... natural light... but it was a rainy, cool, dreary day... My favorite weather :)... this was the shade to wear...

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