Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Estée Lauder - Shimmering Bronze (nail polish swatch)

Estée Lauder has one of the prettiest nail polish bottles out there. I love the cube, and it's really heavy for it's size. Shimmering Bronze is a part of the summer 2011 line. The formula for this shade was nice and smooth; application was easy and even. Pictured below Shimmering Bronze and OPI's Shatter. I don't know how I feel about shatter quite yet. You need to be able to apply it in one smooth stroke, going over is not a good idea, and do not apply a second coat... messy. I'm not a huge fan of a matte finish, so my shatter has a layer of topcoat over it.
 Bronzey and shimmery... this shade is nothing original, but still it's a welcome addition to my collection...

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