Friday, April 22, 2011

JUARA Candlenut Body Creme

Jay went for a pedicure at our favorite spa. I asked him for a tube of Juara hand cream, he came back with a jar of body cream. It's ok, I prefer a different hand cream anyways... and I've always meant to try the body creme...

This is a very rich body cream, perfect for dry skin, anyone whose epidermis takes a beating during cold winter months, or anyone who just wants something super moisturizing. This product is thick, but non-greasy, it leaves my skin feeling comfortable, and silky-smooth.

Other than the buttery decadence of this product, I simply adore the scent. Of course I can't describe it in terms of notes and such... I can only describe scents in terms of emotions and mental images they evoke. This is exotic, feminine, relaxing, and I also associate Jay with it :)

There is a little drawback tough... a 7.50 oz (213 g) retails for $45.00 CAD... still when winter rolls around once again, I will most likely invest in another jar...


  1. It sounds lovely, but far too expensive

  2. Which spa is your favorite?

  3. We favor Hammam Spa