Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lush: Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb

I really enjoyed this bath bomb. This one has a center of powdered soy milk, to replicate a soft frothy milk bath just like Cleopatra used to enjoy (without the actual milk of course:)). Andt I don't think Cleopatra had gently fizzing bath bombs that smell like strawberry ice cream. According to Lush website the scent comes from the fruity buchu oil that is used in making of this luscious bath treat. 

This bath bomb was my soaking heaven. I soaked longer than I usually do, the water just felt so soft and relaxing. My toes and fingers were extra wrinkled by the time I had enough. This is another definite Lush repurchase for me...


  1. Ohh.. this is new. I'm running out of Happy Hippy, so I need to go and check out some new stuff!