Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glass nail file

This one of the best little gadgets for your nails. It feels insubstantial, too smooth (it didn't feel like it could possibly file down a nail), but that was just my faulty perception. This is the best nail file I've ever owned. It files beautifully leaving a nice even edge. It is glass, so one has to be careful, because it can break rather easily. But if I ever do damage mine I will totally repurchase. 

This nail file cost me around $8.00 CAD at Trade Secrets. 


  1. Glass nail files are a MUST! I have very thin nails that peel and emery boards are far too harsh but glass files are great! The first I got was a Burton Crystal File and after I lost it I tried several others that just weren't the same. Too thick etc. I eventually got another Burton even though they are a lot more pricy. If you really love the glass files you should check them out! (I'm not affiliated at all I just like em)

  2. I totally will... my nails peel rather easily as well... thanks for the tip :)