Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nicole by OPI Nail Apps - Peacock

Beauty bloggers are teasing me with Sally Hansen nail apps, but I can't find them anywhere in Toronto. However a couple of weeks ago I was in Shoppers Drug Mart and I spotted a display with Nicole by OPI Nail Apps. The collection wasn't huge and I didn't like many of the designs but I though Peacock was pretty sweet.

Each packet costs $15.00 CAD ($16 and change with taxes). In a package 16 apps of different sizes and a small nail file. Directions are pretty simple:

1. Clean bare nails with rubbing alcohol.
2. Rub strip with finger to warm.
3. Peel off backing and apply to nail.
4. Smooth and file excess off.
5. Remove bubbles by rubbing.

So once applied...
Application simple and easy just like the instructions state. The nail file pathetic, I used one of my own. The edges a bit frayed, took a bit of finesse to even out, but then I just gave up. The stickers are thick (in my opinion) and if you don't want them to fall off after 2 days don't get your hands wet at all. My fell off after washing a couple of plates and glasses after breakfast. The plus about these is that they remove so easily and cleanly.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely not, did not like, too expensive, I love regular polish more...

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